Artex Removal

Why Remove Artex? Artex is often considered to be a dated and unattractive material, which is why many homeowners are keen to remove it from their properties. However, removing Artex can sometimes be more difficult than you might have initially anticipated. Whether your problem is with overall texture or if the layers of the Artex […]

Ceiling Work

Different Types of Ceiling Works There are various types of ceiling works that a professional Plymouth plasterer can do for you. These include: Plasterboard Ceilings – These are ideal for both new build properties and renovation projects. They provide a smooth, level surface that is perfect for painting or wallpapering. Artex Ceilings – Artex is […]

Dry Lining

Different Types of Dry Lining Plymouth Plasterers offer a wide variety of dry lining services for both commercial and domestic customers. We have outlined some of the different types of dry lining we offer below: Standard Dry Lining: This is the most commonly requested type of dry lining. It usually consists of fixing plasterboard to […]


Different Types of Wall & Ceiling Rendering There are various types of wall and ceiling rendering that can be used in your home, depending on the look you want to achieve. Smooth Render: This is a smooth, even finish that is suitable for both walls and ceilings. It’s perfect for creating a clean, modern look […]


Different Skimming Methods and Types of Plasterboard There are a few different methods that can be used when skimming plasterboard, and the type of plasterboard you use will also affect the finish. Here are some of the most common methods and types of plasterboard: 1. The traditional method is to apply a layer of wet […]


What Is Plastering? If you’re not familiar with the term “plastering”, then it might be a good idea to take a moment to learn more about this important step in home construction. Plastering is essentially when you cover the walls or ceilings of a building with an inorganic material, called plaster. This material is typically […]